Shipping & Handling

Some very important info about shipping:

  1. Every order will be shipped on the following Monday. If you bought something here on a Monday, it will still be shipped on the next Monday.

  2. I reside in Brazil, and our international shipping rates are a bit expensive. I use the priority rate with partial tracking. Which means this: You get a tracking number, but it only covers Brazilian territory. Once it leaves Brazil, there's no way to trace it. But from experience, the worst part of the wait is until it leaves Brazil, other countries have better postal services and once it reaches the country of destination, the wait is minimal.

  3. I'm still finding ways to make this less costly and more objective here on this site. However, I've been selling my art and book here for over a year and I have never had any problems. None. So it's pretty safe to order whatever you like :)

  4. I handle my works very seriously and I make the necessary arrangements so that you receive the product you bought in perfect shape. Every product is bubble wrapped and the envelopes are reinforced. There's a board inside to keep artwork from folding and creasing. This has a cost and it's included in the shipping costs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the "Contact" tab.