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About the books:
BAD WÖMEN vol.1 - 2014 - Artbook, 64 pgs, color.
A book filled with sketches of women from my sketchbooks.

BAD WÖMEN vol.2 - 2016 - Artbook, 80 pgs, color.
The book is a collection of my most recent sketch work which populates my sketchbooks with daily drawings of women. This book also feature some finished pieces and paintings.

CORNÜCÓPIA - 2015 - Comic Book, 68 pgs, B&W.
Cornücópia is my first comic. With no specific characters or meaningful dialogue, the reader experiences a moment in time of unbridled sensual abundance.

DIVA SATÄNICA - 2017 - Comic Book, horror, 68 pgs, color.
Follow Jonathan, a middle-aged man who stumbles across the myth of Diva Satänica, a mystic figure who is believed to lure men into her coven and slaughter them for her pleasure.

VERMILLIÖN - 2018 - Comic Book, horror, 32 pgs, B&W.
In Vermilliön, we follow the young Persephone as her night out turns into a long crazy night of abuse, after meeting a mysterious figure, followed by a tragic ending.